05.11    New Consulting Clients

DeQuendre's services have been retained by two single-parent-oriented organizations in Washington, DC, and Atlanta, GA. Both projects involve publications development, including writing and design. The Georgia client involves implementing a communications strategy to include grant proposals and conference publicity. DeQuendre has also been working with a New York-based art gallery on promoting a new book. In addition, a website review service has asked DeQuendre to consult on multiple projects.

11.09    More Kudos & Accolades!

The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals honored DeQuendre with the Platinum Award for the podcast "Worth the Wait" she produced for the Family & Youth Services Bureau and Gold Award for the online newsletter The Exchange special issue on youth homelessness.


11.09    Portfolio Updated!

DeQuendre has been busy with resource development campaigns and managing three new publications--and e-blasting away as always!


04.09   Congressional Memoirs

When Congresswoman Barbara Lee was seeking an editor to refine her compelling and poignant life story with compassion and insight, her publisher knew just where to turn - DeQuendre.com

DeQuendre Neeley-Bertrand is an award-winning communications professional, offering a full menu of strategic communications services: publications production from writing and editing to printing, Web content and design, e-mail marketing, corporate identity development, marketing and public relations, and crisis communications.

She collaborates with a team of writers, editors, Web developers, and PR professionals who hold a combined 75 years of expertise. Read more.

Go Tell It!

Visit my new blog, Go Tell It.

In it I'll be discussing my favorite topics, such as how nonprofit organizations can effectively communicate their missions to win ambassadors, secure new funding and get more attention. I'll also be providing writing and editing tips to self-publishing authors. I'm helping a number of writers fine tune their works.

My life's work is to educate, empower, uplift and advocate. I do this by lending my professional gifts and talents to amplify voices. After an award-winning career in daily newspaper journalism, I have dedicated most of my time to small nonprofits and independent individuals needing direction in communications.

Enjoy your visit. Don't forget to drop me a line and tell your friends about me!


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